Monday, December 20, 2010


On Friday, after listening to the weather forecast and getting our act together, we departed the boat with our shopping list and credit card in hand and went ashore to go and (hopefully) provision for our out island voyage.  We found a taxi driver named Joe who was willing to take us to Robin Hood.  He said he had never been inside but that his wife shops there at times.  Well, after driving “over town” and passing another store that we would come back to, we arrived at Robin Hood.  Part of it had a sign that called it “All-Mart” . J  We entered the store and bingo!  The shelves were full, and the selection WAS enormous.  We had thought it would take us about half  an hour (according to the other stores we had seen, but we went up and down EVERY aisle and bought much more than we had planned, because it was THERE.  We have learned that if we see something that we will want in the future, it is better to get it when you see it.    We even found wheat free bread, so I (Judy) can actually have a sandwich!!! We also needed propane cylinders for the BBQ and alcohol for our galley stove, and the place to purchase those was at Kelly’s, a variety store in the mall. We picked up a mini Christmas tree and a string of light while we were there to remind us of the holidays here in the land of sand and sun.  As we came out of Kelly’s , Joe came up to us and said that his taxi’s batteries had died, but that his wife’s car was right here at the mall and he would take us back to Green Parrot in her car.  We transferred all the bags to his wife’s car and proceeded to return home.  When we got back to the restaurant, we loaded all of our purchases into our tote bags, a huge IKEA bag and our backpacks and trudged out to the dingy dock.  As we were passing through the restaurant, a waitress said, “Goodness, you did some shopping!”  We got back to the boat, stowed our purchases, ate dinner and prepared for an early departure.
FYI Preparing for departure entails strapping down anything that can move on deck, and stowing/strapping down anything below that could fall off or become a dangerous flying projectile, including computers, books, water bottles, shoes, toiletries, etc.
Robin Hood..get your cart before you go in!

"All-Mart" and our driver Joe

The ethnic aisle....

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