Monday, December 6, 2010

MORE……ON TO TREASURE CAY..(Pronounced KEY) and Beyond

Today is 12/4/10 and I am at the Shirley Street Plaza Wash House (Laundromat) , Nassau …. Judy

Look at the pics posted in ON TO TREASURE CAY.. they go with this post! 
Boy, we had better get caught up so that we do not forget things!!  There is so much stimulating input that we tend to forget things, even the important ones!  At Treasure Cay we were in the company of two other boats, Last Tango with Patty and Gary, and Maribelle with Becky and Kevin and puppy dog Danny.  We had a pork chop cookout on Bentaña with Patty and Gary and Becky and Kevin joined us for dessert, a delicious chocolate pudding pie that Patty made.  The next night we had dessert and played cards on Last Tango. We played teams, boys against the girls.  The boys won the first three hands and the girls won the next four.  Girls ROCK!  Actually, it was all the luck of the draw.  ;)  Dessert was a delicious cookies and cream pie that Becky made.
After the second night anchored in quiet Treasure Cay, we decided to return to Marsh Harbour so that we could get ready to head south, and also to be able to use the last few hours that remained on our OII internet usage. 
Andrew, the electrician...his pants lit up the boat!
Our solar panels had not been producing much energy, and since it was usually sunny during the days, we were frustrated.  After checking with other cruisers on the Abaco Cruisers Net, we called Andrew at Andrew’s Electric.  He came and checked out our wiring and plugs, and determined that the major problem was at the plug, which had corroded.  He did some slight rewiring and eliminated the plug and BINGO, we had solar energy going into the batteries. 
We went into town, did some shopping and went back to Bentaña to prepare for our departure early the next morning.   Through the Abacos cruisers net on the VHF radio (channel 68) we learned of a search and recovery effort. We had been in contact with Dis n Dat, a vessel that was spearheading the search efforts for the remains of Laura Zekoll.  We had told them that we would help in the search when we got down to Lynyard Cay.
On the morning of Tuesday, November 23, we got up bright and early and headed for Lynyard Cay.  We were unable to raise Dis n Dat on the VHF radio and Pete’s Pub (“where the elite meet and eat in bare feet,”another contact for the search) in Little Harbour was closed that day.  There was no wind, so we motored south in the Sea of Abaco, past Hope Town and Tilloo Cay.  As we passed the cuts out to the Atlantic, we had quite rough waves and big swells.  We hoped that it would be calmer the next day when we were planning to go offshore to Spanish Wells on Eleuthera. 

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