Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who’d a thunk I’d be at the Laundromat in Hampton with Randy????

Judy here on November 2, 2010.  Well, we have met so many nice folks on our trip and we have been so busy that it has been pretty much impossible to keep up with our blogging.  We arrived in Hampton, VA on Friday evening, October 22.  We anchored between Hampton University and Bluewater Yachting Center, where the Rally is based.  We spent time working on last minute safety projects to prepare for the Rally.  We checked in with Steve Black, the head of Cruising Rally Association, and he gave us some local info and said we could have our mail sent to his address. Thanks, Steve!!
When we were at the boat show in Annapolis, we were given a free night coupon for the Hampton Municipal Pier.  Since our anniversary was Sunday, October 24, we decided to treat ourselves to the night at the dock.  We met Kate, the WONNDERFUL dockmaster and Dick and Elle, and Jane and Glenn.  We shared a cab to West Marine with Dick and Elle and they were very helpful in giving us info on and how to put a link to the Spot track on this blog.  When we have time, we will do it! Then you will be able to see where we are.  Thanks, guys, it was great to meet you! That evening when we went out to dinner at Marker 20, there were Jane and Glenn who shared their table with us.  What a lovely evening.....
On Monday morning, we were doing more boat projects and we had a visitor.  Trudy is a volunteer welcome from the CRA.  She came to the boat and asked if we needed anything, offered to give us a drive around town to orient us, take us to the grocery store or hardware store, etc.  We asked this lovely angel if there was a community/church kitchen where we could prepare some meals for the voyage, and she offered us her kitchen!
On Wednesday when we were cooking at Trudy’s, my cell phone rang and it was Randy Mirque from NBC.  He was in Hampton and decided to look us up.  He came over to Trudy’s and we had a great time chatting and catching up, and then Randy spent the night on Bentaña with us. We attended the evening parties and cooked dinner on the boat.  The next day, we all had laundry to do and Randy had a car, so he and I went to the Laundromat and did laundry.  What a wonderful, unexpected visit.  Thanks, Randy!

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  1. Hi Judy and Steph! Just a note, I am tracking you on Google Earth using the add-on (plugin?) available on the Boat Positions page on the Carib1500 web site.