Sunday, November 7, 2010

A million little things~the devil’s in the details~for the want of a nail…


                The story goes that for the loss of a nail, the horse threw a shoe and consequently the rider which resulted in the loss of the battle and the end of the kingdom.  After sailing on starboard for most of our trip south, or with the genoa only part way out, we hadn’t seen the port-side of the foresail’s clew.  When we rolled her out to starboard, we discovered chafe in the clew reinforcement caused by a pulpit screw that had backed out.  Undiscovered, this could have created serious problems off-shore.  Fortunately this sailing town had a nearby sail loft, and the sailmaker was able to make the repairs promptly.  We also decided to upgrade the jiffy reef system to two lines instead of the single line the boat was rigged with.  This required another trip to West Marine for hardware, line and fasteners.  I also went to a Bass Pro megastore for a fishing catching rig.  The image was, Disney does LL Bean / Orvis .

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