Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday, 10/9 on to Annapolis

After a bit of rest we awoke to a bright and warm day with a gentle breeze.  We sailed off the hook and headed down bay for about an hour when the wind trailed off and we set the “Iron Jib.”  We were headed for Annapolis and the biggest sailboat show in the world.  More importantly, we were going to meet up with Tim Harris, who will be joining our crew from Hampton, Virginia to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas in a few weeks.  Tim had arranged for dock space at Horn Point Marina not far from the show.  We tied up and noticed the docks didn’t float.  Rob, the marina manager, said the tidal range here was only about a foot and a half.  We are used to about a five foot range on the Hudson.
                We met Tim at the dock, and showed him and his friend Virginia around Bentaña.  Tim was especially interested in our mizzen mast and is looking forward to sailing a ketch.  Tim and Virginia had dinner plans with boating friends here at the marina, so Judy and I enjoyed the hot showers ashore and set out to find Tom Lawton.  Tom manages the West Haverstraw West Marine and is a force to be reckoned with in a Thistle.   It happens the fall Thistle series of races is here at the Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis this week-end.
                The same lackluster wind which abandoned us this morning provided three races for the Thistlers.  We met Tom and crew, at Davis’s Pub, a sailor’s hang-out in a residential part of town.  Kind of another “O’D’s.”  Tom reported taking a fourth place for the day in a field of around thirty boats.  We found ourselves at another table, shared with three Boat Show vendors, Fred, Ian and Jason.  They sold esoteric equipment, some of which is on Bentaña.  It was a great night at an outside table with clipper city “loose cannon” (IPA) and some crab goodies fresh from the bay and boat talk.
                With a promise to see them tomorrow at the show, we headed back to the marina for another nights rest.  And so I’ll close for now and pick up this string on my next break.  Love to all

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