Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day Off… or two

                I broke my watchband some months ago.  Now that my cell phone does all of the same tricks and more, I never replaced it.  That is to say, I have no idea what time we got up.  Having met the primary goals of getting to the boat show and visiting with friends, we were ready for a day off.  Well hooked on lovely Spa Creek, we sat around the boat in t-shirts doing chores that still (always!) remain.  Judy was up both masts to do small adjustments and resecure our radar reflector.  While she was up there, she took some pictures. She then set a new flag halyard on the starboard spreader so we can follow protocol and hoist the yellow “Q” flag for quarantine when we arrive in the Bahamas.  We will fly this flag until the Captain has the boat and crew cleared for entry.  We then replace that flag with a Bahaman flag as a courtesy when staying in her waters.  We replaced the genoa sheets and rigged our new fenders for service.  We cleaned up a little as we are settling in more each day.  Somewhere during the day a piece of porcelain veneer came unstuck from my lower left canine while eating an apple. 
     I woke the next morning deciding that the piece was large enough to be saved and recemented. A call to Dr. Kobren, my prosthodontist, had me hooked up with a local practice in Annapolis in no time, again, the wonder of technology!  So I grabbed my knapsack, cell phone and MasterCard and dinked to the nearest street that ended at the creek and tied to the dock and walked the four blocks to have my tooth repaired.  Another type of commute, and one I will learn to enjoy more and more.  I picked up a block of ice at a gas station and put it in my pack for the trip back to the boat.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Spa Creek.
Steph,  10/12 & 13/10

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