Monday, November 7, 2011

RIP Wonderful Sailing Kitty Mary

Our dear, sweet, brave, valiant, wonderful Sailing Kitty Mary left for kitty heaven on October 28, 2011 in Yorktown, VA.  She was 19.5 years old and was with us for over 19 years.  She loved sailing and being with us on the boat.  She battled her cancer bravely and stoically and held on as long as she could.  There is a big empty spot on the boat now and we miss her tremendously.  We will post a photo of her shortly.

The crematory was super quick and had her ashes back to us in just a few days, so that she can go with us again to the Bahamas.  The folks at Yorktown Animal Hospital also made us a Mary footprint in clay that we can keep with us.  It is very special.

We would like to thank our veterinarians and their staffs who are the most knowledgable, most compassionate and wonderful people... Dr. Linda Atkins at Valley Cottage Animal Hospital, Dr. Dennis Bailey at Oradell Animal Hospital and Dr. Rita Gariboldi at Yorktown Animal Hospital.

It would have been even more difficult for us if we had not been supported by our new sailing friends Leighia, Cameron, Maya, Fynn and Mitzi on Tranquility and Elizabeth, Ed and Luna on Skylark.  They were wonderful and extremely helpful and supportive.  Thanks, dear friends!

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