Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

(Judy) with Steph's input

Well, we got many things accomplished this week.  With Dave's help, we measured up and designed a set up for our sokar panel array of two 80 Watt panels.  He started work on reenforcing the forward bulkhead so that we ca install a baby stay for a storm jib.  We began installing inspection ports in the water tanks so that we can clean them.  Steph put a new gasket on the aft hatch and Judy painted the floors of the saloon and aft cabin in expectation of our new carpet.  We got lots of new toys, including parachute flares and orange smoke flares, our new life raft, and ourepirb arrived.  Judy went up the mizzen mast to retrieve a block that needs replacing.

We are majorly stressed at the moment, but it is a relief to see things coming together.  :-)

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